As you browse through our website and see products that interest you, click on the “request quotation” field. The product information will then be transferred to a holding file called “ my quotation “ which stores the information and allows you to continue to browse through our website and add other products to the holding file. Once you have completed your search, click on “my quotation” which is displayed in the top right hand corner of our webpage. A summary of all the items selected will then appear along with a request for you to supply your contact details. You may also add your comments or request for additional information to the summary quotation.

When you are ready, select send and the information will be transferred to our customer service team and processed within 48 hours. We will respond to you with our most competitive business price along with a total of the cubic measurement for the selected products. Should you wish to proceed with an order we would then request the destination details so that freight cost can be calculated.